New Nissan Tiida and Its Special DVD Player Review

They say life’s all about decisions and Choices. However, I want to say why choose when you can have it all? Tiida is a locally manufactured car designed for ease-of-use, openness and practicality. Giving you what you want and not just what you need. Spirited, contemporary styling. High specification, intelligent features. Luxurious interior. Space. Safety. And then you get behind the wheel. So one less decision to make. Tiida means the dawn of a new day’ in Japanese.

As the Nissan global advanced technology, crystallization, TIIDA embodies Nissan technology, the quality of the overall strength, 2004 TIIDA in Japan for the first time the world came, in Japan, the current global cumulative sales reached 2.5 million units. TIIDA in 2005 to enter the Chinese market, and in six years the brilliant performance of 750,000 units, becoming the undisputed champion segmentation Recently, the editors from Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores in Beijing wins learned, a new generation TIIDA TIIDA vehicles are adequate, full color.

A new generation of platforms based on the new B TIIDA from the appearance, space, power to control through a comprehensive upgrade, it will be a more powerful product competitiveness, selling more than 130 countries worldwide, in order to achieve a new milestone in the brand development TIIDA A new generation Tiida models equipped TIIDA HR16DE engine, using Nissan’s newly developed dual-injection system and dual DIS C-VTC continuously variable valve timing control system for two new technology Intelligent Following SUNNY sunshine, the Tiida is also equipped with a new generation TIIDA Nissan new generation of intelligent drive system – X-tronic CVT CVT system. ‘T-Box’ is a new body and suspension design through front and rear suspension layout optimization design, high-rigidity body structure and high-performance suspension parts, significantly enhanced driving stability and handling flexibility .

In this digital age of information, more and more people will make their car nicely decorated  to kep  up with  the trend.So they will install  something in the car. for exmple, a  Car  DVD player.Just  as Car  DVD player is not only a automobile entertainment system, but a gizmo that can generate happiness.It  comes  with GPS navigation system with dual zone function to listen music or watch movie when GPS working, the systems don’t interfere with each other. Bluetooth car kit, it’ll free your hands when answer calls while driving. Because of you can connect your mobile phone with the automobile DVD Player by its Bluetooth.Radio with RDS and Digital TV. and CAN Bus to support original steering wheel controls.etc. With such functions . Your car will become perfect.If you  want to install one , Nissan New Tiida DVD Player with GPS Navigation Bluetooth will be  the  best  choice for  Nissan Tiida.

The Nissan Tiida is the winner of the lowest parts pricing in the fiercely contested C-segment for the 3rd year running.
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